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“I’m so tired of each day passing by in a blur, like I’m just going through the motions.”

“I run on empty most days and feel like I’m missing out on my own life because I can barely catch my breath, let alone catch up on all the things I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing.”


Explore how becoming more EMBODY-ed will help banish thoughts like those and replace them with simple-to-implement tools that will have you showing up for yourself in powerful ways.

Registration for the first-ever EMBODY is currently closed.

Check back SOON to get on a wait list for the next offering.

It’s become so common and accepted as *normal* that most of us don’t even realize we’re doing it.


Living life on autopilot, having just enough energy to get through the day doing the bare minimum at work and home before collapsing into bed, only to wake up and do it all again the next day. 


Feeling like life is speeding by with no hope of it slowing down long enough for you to do, be, and try any of the things you know in your heart could actually make your days matter and bring you some peace.


What if you could flip the script and begin to show up daily for yourself in ways that positively impact every single one of your relationships - with family, with friends, with coworkers, with yourself...including the relationships you have with food and your body? 


What if the secret to slowing down the rollercoaster that your life has become is to step more fully into your own check in with it, notice it, listen to it, even honor it?

It really CAN be that *simple*.

And my brand-spankin’ new 21-day group program EMBODY was created with those goals in mind -

to help you show up whole-heartedly on a daily basis, to  bring brilliant shifts to all of your relationships (beginning with the one you have with yourself), and to create a pace of life you can truly live with.

During the 21 days of EMBODY, we’ll break down the word itself like this:

E -  Embrace

M - Mindset

B Begin

O -  Observe

D -  Dance

Y  You

In Week One, we’ll *Embrace* the definition and principles of embodiment and learn how doing so can shift our *Mindset* from one of merely surviving to one of flourishing.


In Week Two, we’ll *Begin* to implement some simple practices that shift us into embodiment and *Observe* how those practices bring a sense of ease and an awareness of being more present in each moment.


And in Week Three, we’ll find ways - literal and figurative - to *Dance* our way through the day (versus drudging our way through) and create a menu *You* can use to maintain and grow your very own embodiment practice.


We’ll meet in the EMBODY with Laura Moss Facebook Group and you’ll receive powerful content at the start of each week via video, simple action steps, weekly check-ins, and a sweet community like-minded souls who offer each other support and encouragement. (Note: The number of members in this very first charter EMBODY group will be small so that connecting and community can happen in an organic and ease-y way - so register right away to secure your spot!)


At the end of our 21 days together, you’ll find that you are engaging with your life in whole-hearted, whole-bodied ways you only dreamed were possible! And it will make all the difference for you!

As your guide through this program, I’m here for you. And, if I may be so bold, so are your fellow EMBODY Sisters. You’ll be able to ask questions and share wins and struggles in the Facebook group and benefit from the wisdom of the whole, which is a true gift. I know without a doubt that women sharing their experiences and stories and challenges in an authentic way lifts and strengthens and encourages us all! 


You’re ready to EMBODY and show up for yourself, right? 

You’re ready to EMBODY and bring healing to all your relationships, right?

You’re ready to EMBODY and slow down the rollercoaster, right?

Join now - you’ll be so happy you did!

Registration for the first-ever EMBODY is currently closed.

Check back SOON to get on a wait list for the next offering.

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