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Sweet Praise

My relationship with food and with my body has been a roller-coaster my whole life. And even though I knew there was a mind-body-soul connection to food, I didn't know what to do with it. As Laura has helped me unpack my feelings and thoughts about eating and food, she's given me fresh perspective on why those things matter and how to make them work for me. And the practical steps she provides at each session make change attainable. Plus Laura is compassionate and real. She's funny and smart. And she's passionate about helping people overcome their food issues. ~KR

In my family, the measure of good gift giving is whether or not the other person cries. Crying is the goal- an unstoppable cascade of feeling loved, cherished, and known. As an eating psychology coach, Laura gives such a gift. Beyond the practical, actionable advice she so easily shares, she has a preternatural way of uncovering the emotions that lie beneath my relationship with eating. I've definitely cried in my sessions with her. And what a gift to feel safe being vulnerable enough to release some of the weight I carry around food and self-image. The immediate lightness that comes from giving those emotions room to breathe is almost better than the physical weight loss I've experienced while being Laura's client. She is truly gifted in what she does, and so generous in sharing her gifts with her clients. ~SE


“Clean your plate.” “Eat all you can-scarcity mentality.” “Use of food to numb my feelings of inadequacy, stress and general social discomfort.” These are just a few of the issues that characterize my relationship with food and eating that Laura has helped me to identify. Not only does she have a gifting that allows her to see below the surface of what’s going on inside her clients’ hearts and minds, but she also has a tool chest full of strategies for doing something about the revelations that she helps them uncover. How I approach the food I eat - the how, when, where and why - will never be the same as she’s assisted me in getting off of autopilot and on to a much more thoughtful relationship with how I fuel my body, mind and spirit. ~SA

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