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What I Do

You’ve spent so much time, energy AND money in a fight to control your relationship with food

- to feel healthier -

but nothing seems to shift…




You wonder if it’s that you simply haven’t found *the right thing*.

You’ve convinced yourself that you’re the only one who can’t seem to do all. the. things. *they* say need to be done to create a healthy, happy, vibrant life.

And you wish you could figure out what it is you’re doing wrong.

If you feel like I’m reading your mind, I’ve got good news.

There is no ONE *right thing*. There is no mysterious list of all. the. things. you should be doing. And, most importantly, you’re not alone in thinking you’re doing it all wrong.


How can I know that when we haven’t met yet?


Because in my work as a Wellness Coach, I've met with so many women who have convinced themselves of the same things you have. When we work together, I take you through my powerful SHIFT process and you finally win the fight with overeating, bingeing, and emotional eating...and boldly take up the unique space you were meant to inhabit.

It IS possible to feed yourself in ways that feel good

and to live that healthy, happy, vibrant life you deserve.

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meet laura

Picture this: You wake up excited. You slide into your day with ease, feeling strong and light. You’re confident because your relationships with food and your body no longer consume or confuse you. Your powerful, healthy body rocks the shifts you’ve made. Shifts that were less complicated - and more transformative - than you ever hoped. My clients tell me that’s how they feel after only a few one-on-one sessions together. 


After years of searching for answers to many of my own health challenges, I decided to become a Certified Eating Psychology Coach so I could help women in similar situations. Women who are in a constant battle with food and body and wellness.


As I researched, I realized that what we eat is only part of the story of good nutrition, and I was able to end the confusion around food and body. I found freedom and ease instead. 


Clients often share that they, too, experience those things in ways they never thought possible. 


Are YOU ready to end the confusion and feel free?

About You

work with me

1 - 50 Minute  session to discuss effective strategies to increase your sense of well-being.


4 Sessions to work together toward your health and wellness goals.

Six Session

6 Sessions to help you address unwanted beliefs and behaviors around your relationship with food and your body.


2 - $210 Payments

Take Up Your Space

A Private Coaching Program

What’s Included:

3 Months of Coaching

1 - 90 minute ASSESS Session

8 - 50 Minute ADDRESS + ADJUST + ACTIVATE Sessions


Unlimited text and email support


3 - Equal Payments

Four Session




2 - $160 Payments

Work With Me

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