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I’m Laura - a new-ish empty nester and mom to four adult daughters. Traveling, hiking, dancing, singing, writing, reading, cooking, hanging with my grandbabies (yes! I’m a MiMi!!), and hosting friends and family in my sweet *Barbie House* are some of the soul-full ways you’ll find me spending my time.


I’m a certified health and wellness coach and I specialize in helping women untangle themselves from the messages they've come to believe about food, body, worth, and wellness through one-one-one coaching and powerful, engaging group programs. I’m passionate about empowering each and every woman to take up her space - the whole space she was uniquely created to inhabit.

I’ve got an awesome FREE resource here - and some insightful, helpful blog posts that’ll shift your paradigms about food, wellness, and YOU.


Professional Bio

Laura is a gifted and passionate wellness coach who has overcome many of her own health challenges (including breast cancer and a host of autoimmune issues) using the powerful and practical tools she generously shares with her amazing clients. She is an engaging speaker who seeks to encourage women to stand up and take up their space in the world by healing the relationships they have with their bodies, food, and wellness. She received her certifications in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition from the Institute for Eating Psychology and is constantly researching new info to bring even more value and benefit to her brilliant clients.

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